CARLY SCHNEIDER GOLF                

Plane Truth Golf Instructor
PGA Apprentice 
Head Women's Golf Coach 
Loyola University 
Cobra/Puma Staff 


Contact for Lessons Email : 


Introductory Lesson ( 30-40 min ) | $40 

Adult Lesson  (60 min) | $70 

Junior Lesson (30 min) | $50 

9 Hole Playing Lesson | $100

18 Hole Playing Lesson | $250 


Packages and Season Long Lessons Available.

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Carly Schneider has been a Golf Professional since 2014. She has been working at Elgin Country Club for the past 3 years. She also spent a season in La Quinta California at the Madison Club teaching and working at the Women Golf Professional.  She is a PGA Apprentice and a Level 1 Plane Truth Golf Instructor. Carly is also a Level 2 Certified Original Strength Coach. After time as a competitive amateur and playing Division I golf at Loyola University Chicago she decided to turn professional. In 2016 she was hired at Loyola University of Chicago to be the Head Coach of the Women's Golf Team. 


As both a player and golf instructor I am constantly looking to enhance my knowledge and continue to learn about all aspects of the game. This enables me to become better teaching professional, and thus pass more relevant information, to each and every one of students. I make sure my lesson tee is a fun place where golfers improve in a relaxed setting, allowing all playing levels to reach their potential.  People learn in different ways- visual, kinesthetic and verbal. The key is to tap into someone's learning style to help him or her learn faster. I do not believe that there is one mold to put a player in for a golf swing, so my philosophy is to teach the player not the swing. If I have to, I'll find new and creative ways to get the student to understand and feel the modifications. I never stop learning to bring you the best and simplest ways to take you where you want to go with your golf game. I put individual programs in place for each of my players with their specific goals in mind.